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Roulette Strategy For Playing Online Roulette In India

As you know, India’s vague gambling laws have left a loophole for people wanting to play online Roulette in India. You can play Roulette table games or live Roulette as long as you play from an international casino. Whatever online game you choose to play, remember that the tax status of online gambling is very clear. Any winnings below ₹10,000 and you will have to pay 30% tax. Above this amount, the online casino is expected to keep back 30% of your winnings for tax purposes.

So you have to pay tax on any winnings; but first, you need to win. That is why many Roulette players use Roulette strategies. The overwhelming idea is that strategy is the skill element, and the rest is Lady Luck, who could be present or not! A good idea is to implement a Roulette strategy on the Roulette table games at an online casino before taking it to the Live Casino real money Roulette play. The Roulette table games can often be played for free and you will find a wide selection of the newer Roulette variations.

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A Roulette Strategy That Works For Indian Players

Every Roulette player wants to find that one Roulette strategy that works, meaning you win every time. But, when choosing your strategy for Roulette, you have to consider that if players won every time, the casinos would stop having the Roulette tables available to play! What you want to look for is a strategy you are comfortable with and that will increase your chances of winning overall.

Whatever Roulette strategy you decide on, you have a few things to keep in mind, including your budget and playing responsibly within that budget. Which Roulette variation and the Roulette rules that govern your bets are also important factors.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

This is a particularly popular strategy for Indian Roulette players for any of the Roulette variations in digital or live play. It involves doubling your stake after every loss without changing the even money bet format. After any win, you will go back to the original stake. For example, a ₹15 is placed on black, and it loses. The next spin, your bet is ₹30 on black. If it wins, you regain the ₹15. If it loses, the bet is again doubled to ₹60 and tried again on the black. A player bets on red and loses. As can you see, it would be very easy to sink quickly, which is why you have to stick to your budget and cut your losses if you hit consecutive losses.

Paroli System - Roulette Strategy

This is a positive progression system based on increasing your bet after a win and is considered a much safer method for rookie players to start with. Within this Roulette strategy, it’s good to decide how many progressions you will go for. Walk away, win or lose, when it is reached. You can always try at another table or later on if you want to continue playing.

Place one coin bet on your choice, and if it wins, you get a coin in winnings. In the Paroli system, you leave them both on – which is progression one. Win a second time, and now you will have three extra coins plus your original. Leave them on for the next round – progression 2. So, you can see how this works and why a set number of progressions is helpful. If you lose at any of these points, you only lose the winnings plus your original bet. Keep losing, however, and you will soon use up your total budget.

James Bond - Roulette Strategy

We could not leave this classic out of the mix; more for experienced players, the ‘007’ author Ian Fleming designed it. In this strategy, ₹18,500 (or £200 equivalent) is the minimum bet. This is placed over three options. ₹13,000 (£140) is placed on high numbers, 19-36. The ₹4600 (£50) is placed on the section 13-18, and the last best ₹900 on the zero. These three bets cover 67% of the available bets. You can use a different bet but the same percentages – 70%, 25% and 5% of the bet amount.

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Final Word On Roulette Strategy

There are many more Roulette strategies to choose from, including Fibonacci Strategy, Labouchere, D’Alembert and a Reverse Martingale Strategy. It is difficult to predict which of them is the strategy for Roulette that works for you. It would be best to practice these on the table games until you feel confident in their use and before you head to the Live Casino to play online Roulette India. Always remember to play responsibly and keep having fun.

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